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Perspectives On EPFL. Leutenegger C. Konopka B. Christinat O.


To mark its 50th anniversary, the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) gave free rein to three photographers, who were asked to capture the essence of the School and its future direction.Catherine Leutenegger delivers many detailed portraits of science, blurring the lines between the images she creates and those that she discovers and makes her own. Bogdan Konopka strips EPFL’s buildings down to their still life form. And Olivier Christinat brings places to life by roaming the grounds and discreetly immersing himself in campus life.

Editions EPFL Press
Mai 2019
128 pages
21 X 28 cm
ISBN 978-2-88915-305-3

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